Here is the edited video from the very successful CAYAD legal highs seminar in Hawke's Bay at the CAYAD Regional Hui for our Southern and Central sites.

Several CAYAD coordinators delivered strong presentations, alongside Peter Dunne, Donald Hannah, Ross Bell and Ngahiwi Tomoana. 

In the end the community has been heard: the public did not want these untested drugs sold in retail shops, and for now, they have been pulled.  Meanwhile the legal highs legislation remains intact and we hope for a strong set of national regulations to emerge.  At a local level, communities wanting more say in how the next installment of approved products is eventually sold will need to get involved in the development of Local Approved Products Policies by their Council or Territorial Authority. It is clear that shops on the street corner selling 'approved' substances will attract very large numbers of customers.

The legal highs seminar was organised by Hawke's Bay CAYAD in collaboration with the Eastern Institute of Techonology; many thanks to AWA Transmedia Studio for the production.