Applications close 12 December for the 2015 Certificate in Public Health

The applications for the 2015 Certificate in Public Health delivered by Massey University will be closing on the 12th of December. Please go to to apply.

Study Grants

There are a number of study grants to cover the costs of the Certificate in Public Health. Successful NGO applicants for the study grants will have their course fees fully funded. Travel assistance of up to $1,000 is also available for NGO staff who need to fly to attend contact courses in Auckland or Wellington.

Who is the Certificate in Public Health for?

  • CAYAD coordinators are ideal students for this course - we have received great feedback from people in CAYAD who took the course in 2014 about the relevance of the learning and the support available for students.
  • Those who are already working to improve public health in their community without a formal tertiary qualification, but who wish to strengthen their public health knowledge and expand their career opportunities through formal tertiary qualifications.
  • Those already working in public health who hold a formal tertiary qualification, but wish to strengthen their understanding of public health contexts and practice.

What is the cultrual approach of the Certificate?

The certificate has been specifically designed to recognise the unique contribution Maori make to public health practice in Aotearoa. It provides the tools, frameworks and communication skills for all students to strengthen their ability to promote health equity and Maori Health outcomes to diverse audiences. This is done through engaging with issues that affect health equity and diversity more generally, as well as encouraging those who wish to, to focus more exclusively on Maori health.

Quick Facts

  • It is a qualification for people currently working in public health who want to strengthen their knowledge, skills and practice.
  • Access: The Certificate is a partā€time, easily accessed, distance learning programme, mostly completed online, involving 4 papers which can be done over a one or two year period.
  • Study grants are available to help cover course costs.
  • The Certificate in Public Health papers can be credited towards the Massey University Bachelors in Health Sciences, which will have a public health major.