The CAYAD team at Regional Public Health in Hutt Valley have released an evaluation of their “What about you?” campaign, which aimed to create a positive shift in student drinking attitudes and behaviour.

The campaign clearly resonated with students; the evaluation results indicate that “student perceptions of peer drinking moved closer towards actual drinking behaviours after the campaign”. The full report from Regional Public Health is available here.  

The campaign used a method known as ‘social norm marketing’ which has shown some promise internationally for reducing high risk drinking. The approach aims to correct people’s misbeliefs about how much their peers are actually drinking and how often, to change people’s drinking behaviour. 

For your own campaign ideas and to access resources contact Anna Tonks for more information. The CAYAD-led campaign took place around two WelTec campuses, one in Wellington and one in Lower Hutt in 2015, involving a range of stakeholders in the region.