Auckland Council CAYAD

Objectives: This campaign aims to stimulate conversation around the harms of alcohol and other drugs with young people; and to inspire change.  It aims to shift attitudes and behaviour among young people aged 14 -24, either directly or through those who influence them.

What is it? BUZZED [] is an online storytelling campaign featuring well-known New Zealanders and other kiwis sharing their journeys with alcohol or other drugs. BUZZED also released a video highlighting methamphetamine harms and the specific help options available.  A youth reference group is being established to help ensure BUZZED is relevant to young people and to help shape the future direction of the campaign.

Results to date:  

  • Since launching in May 2016, BUZZED has released 12 stories, generated over 1250 followers on Facebook and reached over 90,000 people.

  • The project led to work with Te Ātea Marino and Tupu to raise awareness of their culturally responsive treatment services for Maori and Pasifika young people.

  • The meth themed video launched in November 2016 and was viewed over 3000 times on YouTube (in 5 days) and featured in six major media publications online.

  • The site and facebook page have been a conduit for young people to access addiction support and resources.

  • Buzzed videos have been in a Year 13 health class in one school, and the team is working on a supporting discussion guide for use in other schools.


2018: (1) Evaluation report (2) Literature view (3) Cutting Edge Presentation 2018


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