Whole school approach - Linwood college


Objective:  To engage with Linwood College and develop an up to date alcohol and other drug policy that treats drug use as a health and wellbeing issue rather than relying on suspension or exclusions. Evidence shows that school exclusion can make a student's problems worse, with significant negative consequences for their future employment and health.

What was done?  CAYAD formed a working group with the Principal, the Head of Guidance counsellor, the DHB community public health team, Health Promoting Schools, and a member of the school board.

CAYAD provided evidence based research/information and policy development advice (including the More than Just a Policy workbook). Together the group reviewed and updated the current AOD policy over three months. 

What was the result?  Linwood College was able to develop Alcohol, Drug and Tobacco Policy which met legal requirements, was better aligned with National Drug Health Policy (2015-2020) , and with MOE guidelines . It established a ‘restorative principle base’ for the development of AOD procedural activities school that are in -line with the overall objective of keeping young people engaged in their development and education. 


Project overview

Contact: Jenkins Alaifea