Manurewa youth council lap position paper


Objective:  To increase written and oral submissions from the Manurewa youth and community members to the Auckland Local Alcohol Policy (LAP), and to produce consistent messages from Manurewa youth for local variation in the LAP. A long term aim was to increase the capacity of Manurewa youth and other stakeholders to engage in policy processes.  

What was done:  CAYAD developed a partnership with the Manurewa Youth Council (MYC) to create an LAP action plan, and to help upskill a working group to deliver on the project. Actions included:

  • Learning and engagement opportunities with politicians, council policy and by-law development teams and community forums.
  • An HPA workshop for Manurewa youth leadership group members on contributing effectively to the development of local and national policy.  
  • The MYC working group and CAYAD disseminated information about alcohol policy in various forms at local events, seminars and local workshops, and surveyed local youth for their views.  
  • The working group developed a LAP position paper which was used to develop a LAP submission representing the views of youth in Manurewa.

Results:  The MYC was among 14 of 18 local stakeholder groups (including all local Manurewa youth leadership groups) that submitted on the LAP. Auckland's provisional LAP names areas of Manurewa and Clendon as priority overlay’ zones where no new off-licences will be granted for two years, and there is a presumption against granting further off-licences after that time. Higher risk types of on-licence also face a stricter application process.

Manurewa youth and community capacity to engage in policy development was enhanced.  During the project youth, CAYAD reference group members and local stakeholders were also engaged in not only the LAP consultation but also the Local Approved Products Policy for psychoactive substances, a review of liquor ban areas and in objecting to a liquor licence application.






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