Challenges of methamphetamine

Te Runanga o ngai te rangi iwi trust - tauranga

Objective:  To raise awareness of the harmful effects of methamphetamine in Bay of Plenty/Western Bay of Plenty Region. This will ultimately support the wellbeing of whanau and members of the community who are affected by rising levels of methamphetamine use.

What is being done?  The main project activities are to:

  • Support an active working group called ‘Break Through’ to address methamphetamine issues
  • Support a community group ‘Brave Hearts’ that assists families/support groups
  • Contribute to ‘direct impact’ strategies that address methamphetamine issues such as research groups
  • Develop methods of data collection in collaboration with stakeholders
  • Campaign/Advocate for high level changes such as mobilising political will and influence

Results to date:  Initial results of this ongoing project include-

Whanau and Community Members:

  • Have increased awareness of the services and support that is available in their community
  • Are discussing and/or debating the issues in the Bay of Plenty/Western Bay of Plenty region and are supporting strategies that address these issues

Collaborative Community/Organisation Groups:

  • Are initiating research and evidence gathering projects
  • Are developing multi-media awareness raising initiatives
  • Are supporting community support groups


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